Hey there!

My name is Alkistis and I am an Athens based jewelry designer. I have dedicated myself to discover my artistic ID. Following many roads and paths, I am reaching day by day my ultimate desire.

Back in 2009 I decided to study architecture. I travelled to London to persue my dream at Greenwich uni…but soon the rainy London push me to come up with a new adventure in a sunnier place. I came back to Greece and I finished my studies as an interior designer.

As fashion was part of me,.. handcrafted statement jewelry were the “must” item to upgrade style.

Finally in 2019, I found the way to combine my love of sketching and creating with my passion for jewelry and fashion, so I took jewelry making courses.

In 2020, I founded my jewelry brand “Αιθήρ“. I am making handcrafted jewelry using only silver 925. My inspiration is based in every little thing arround nature and life.My lines are minimal and boho-chic oriented.

Feel free to contact me to meet me and my designs. Let me add an exceptional pinch at your style with my jewelry!

xx Αιθήρ.